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At Planet GBS, our aim is to provide the best building services in the industry. Our focus is on the immense potential for sustainable practices to boost operational efficiency, cut operating costs, and reduce environmental impacts, with the aim of boosting the satisfaction, well-being and productivity of building occupants. We never take our eye off the green bottom line—focusing on turning sustainable practices into bookable assets.

Drawing from decades of experience working closely with building stakeholders, our focus is on effective management with the highest level of professional ethics and integrity. From the simplest tasks of building maintenance and bookkeeping, to complex construction planning and execution, we pride ourselves on navigating all challenges by cultivating open and honest client relationships.

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Thom Mayne, Morphosis

Clark Wieman was an instrumental member of the team that helped bring to completion 41 Cooper Square, now the first LEED Platinum certified academic building in New York City. As a mediator, he represented the connective tissue that coordinated between the various components: architect, engineer, client, and builder. Along with being extremely knowledgeable in the broad array of information necessary to coordinate complex projects, Clark was also highly personable and could balance the highly demanding nature of the project with ease and amiability (and humor). It is his broad, integrative knowledge along with his social skill that allowed him to facilitate what—in our case—was the establishment of both an iconic and an extremely high performance building in New York City.

Peter Samton, Gruzen Samton Architects, LLP

Through thick and thin, from the very start, including the planning and programming all the way through construction and post-occupancy of 41 Cooper Square, Clark enjoyed an excellent working relationship with all the key parties, including architects, engineers, client staff, the construction team, and alumni. His sense of both realism and optimism helped to be the glue that made sometimes difficult decisions stick. He was readily available at all times to assist in addressing difficult problems, and finding creative solutions. His forthright approach, sense of humor and desire to succeed were essential factors in the success of this award-winning project.

Pavel Getov, AIA, Project Architect with Morphosis

I had the opportunity to work closely with Clark Wieman from the beginning to the final completion of the LEED Platinum-rated new Academic Building for The Cooper Union. His genuine commitment to sustainability, professional approach, and exemplary work ethic contributed in large degree to the success of this complex project.

Lisa Frigand, Manager of Public Affairs, Con Edison

Clark is an unusually knowledgeable professional who goes the extra mile in everything he does, but he is also a wonderful person and a joy to work with. He had the opportunity to interface with many of my colleagues here at Con Edison in all technical, energy services, research, and development and environmental departments, and demonstrated a deep frame of reference in every area. He is highly dedicated and über-competent—a great combination.

Rick Hoffman, Richard L. Hoffman and Associates, Inc. Relocation Management

Clark is a master multi-tasker under pressure, a consummate professional. While playing a central role in managing two major, complex construction projects worth over $150 million for The Cooper Union, he managed a team including my firm, which executed the move of 150,000 square feet of educational space, including very sophisticated engineering labs. He never lost his cool, his upbeat outlook, his attention to detail, or his eye on the big picture. He’s one of those guys who just gets it done. One of my best clients in thirty years.

Jameel Ahmad, Ph.D., Chairman,
Department of Civil Engineering
Alber Nerken School of Engineering
The Cooper Union

I have worked with Clark Wieman for over twenty years since he first joined The Cooper Union Research Foundation as a researcher in urban infrastructure issues. He played a pivotal role in coordinating the planning, permitting, design, construction and operation of Cooper Union’s newest facility at 41 Cooper Square. As the director of The Cooper Union Research Foundation and as chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at Cooper Union, I often saw Clark in action and developed an enormous respect and admiration for his ability to serve his diverse constituents who were often moving in different directions. He was always a consummate professional. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that without Clark’s contribution, 41 Cooper Square would not exist.