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Real Estate Asset Management

Our aim is to maximize asset value, working with ownership to position buildings and owners as environmental leaders. We start by customizing a property’s Management Plan, focusing on financial, operational, and environmental performance. We draw from detailed analysis of the market regional and local market conditions, benchmark environmental performance relative to comparable properties, and assess rental rolls, leases, and vendor agreements.

Standard Operating Procedures are reviewed and upgraded, from collections policies to maintenance schedules. Connecting with building occupants/tenants is central to operational success, initiated by hands-on surveys and maintained by regular communication and rapid response to issues and concerns.

Our building management services are supported by a detailed understanding of city codes, Local Laws mandating benchmarking and energy efficiency upgrades, in-depth space planning and construction management experience, and a long track of record success in tapping governmental funding sources for conservation upgrades. Our strong network of specialized outside consultants provides added benefit.

Owner’s Representative Services

Green thinking now pervades the building industry, with success hinging on planning, stakeholder buy-in, and execution and starting early, ensuring that team members are committed to a sustainable vision. Our broad experience includes overseeing development of sustainable goals and policies, managing rezoning and space programming efforts, construction manager and architect selection, and managing all phases of building design and construction, including budget development and oversight. Our experience extends to the crucial tasks of identifying and managing specialized consultant services, from space programmers and theatre designers, to lighting specialists and large-scale movers.

Specialized Research and Analysis

Successful implementation of sustainable investments relies on comprehensive analysis --- including financial modeling during the decision-making process, and post-development assessment. We draw from 20+ years of experience designing and executing high-end research to bring sustainable investment expertise to building owners and policy makers. While return on investment (ROI) remains the foremost concern, owners often look to expanded definition of benefits, including reducing greenhouse gases, boosting LEED rating status, employee recruitment and retention, boosting worker productivity, and positioning property owners as environmental leaders. Our services include oversight of environmental policy analysis and goal setting, building energy modeling, customized payback analysis for focused investments, and Measurement and Verification.